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I’m delighted to gain this protection against COVID-19, but given my history of weight-based discrimination within the I’m vaccinated shirt Also,I will get this medical establishment, I can’t help worrying about the potential scrutiny I’m subjecting my body to. I don’t take my ability to get vaccinated for granted, especially given how long many restaurant workers, delivery workers, and other essential workers have been waiting for the same right; if I’m vaccinated, I’ll be able to know that I’m at less risk of spreading the disease to someone worse positioned to recover from it, and that’s reason enough for me. But even as I made my appointment, I felt a little funny that my BMI, a label I’d always brushed off as arbitrary—or, more accurately, expressly fatphobic—was what was allowing me to get my slot.

I'm vaccinated shirt

When I reach out to Fatima Cody Stanford, a leading obesity expert at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, one of the I’m vaccinated shirt Also,I will get this first things she does is gently correct my use of obese person, redirecting me to the more neutral person with obesity instead (and demonstrating, in the process, that fat people are very capable of playing into the culture of fatphobia). “When we call a person obese, it doesn’t take into account that there is an actual disease process controlled and regulated by the hypothalamus in the brain that causes each of us to regulate our weight differently,” explains Stanford. “When people look at patients that have obesity—whether it’s mild, moderate, or severe—they presume, ‘Oh, it’s something they did to themselves, and they got this way because of something they did.’ We don’t put that same thought processing or blame on individuals who have cancer.”

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