Baby Trump and Putin shirt

Baby Trump and Putin shirt
The judge got it right , there was insufficient evidence . First the defendant was an expert shooter, there would have been only one shot if she were the Baby Trump and Putin shirt. Secondly no gun powder residue was on her hands or clothing . Evidence about the phone call is suspect since the daughter hated her step mother and was determined to see her convicted one way or another. The Doctor who conducted the autopsy was looking for a homicide since the police had told her that is what it was. There is more but that is more than enough for a reasonable doubt.

Baby Trump and Putin hoodie, sweater, tank top and ladies shirt

Baby Trump and Putin hoodie
Baby Trump and Putin ladies shirt
Ladies shirt
Baby Trump and Putin sweater
Baby Trump and Putin tank top
Tank top
The 3 jurors interviewed were definitely rednecks seeking blood on weak or lacking facts. right he shot the gun a third time after he severed his brainstem. if he thought there wasn’t evidence his job was to dismiss the case without prejudice so she could be recharged, this dirty pos deemed her not guilty when there was more than enuf evidence she was guilty. The Baby Trump and Putin shirt was bought and paid for-perhaps he will be her next husband. That said, this woman is really bad news. Any man who went near this witch was asking for trouble  Almost all of the cases featured on 48 Hours Mystery lack the definitive evidence – that’s why they are featured, because it’s a MYSTERY. If it was clear cut it would not be interesting to watch like the hundreds and thousand of cases that do not get featured.

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