Baylor Bears 2021 Final Four and then there were 4 shirt

The Queen, probably wanting to make some distance between them but in a nice way, offered them a small intimate marriage, a mansion in the country, to be roving Commonwealth Youth Ambassadors, Meghan to continue her acting with a less involved role regarding Royal visits etc. Meghan refused everything that was offered. She wanted to be the most important, to hit the ground running, to be the most adored. She mistook the life of being a working Royal for a celebrity life. Her ideas and those of the RF clashed. Meghan cannot be asked/told what to do, it was going to be her way or the highway.

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So late at night I went out to get water and I saw my cousin was in front if the computer with her dad in the living room. They were looking photos we took that day, we went to amusement park for the whole day. Then I saw her stoped at my family picture. I was going to come close (the living room was dark so they did not know I was there) to join them when suddenly I heard my cousin said, “Look at her. (Pointing at my mom pic). She is a bitch. Arrogant selfish bitch. She thinks she is pretty? You are just an ugly bitch with ugly daughters.” Then she deleted the photo. I was stunned there. Holy shit what did I just hear?! My mom was indeed pretty! You could talk shit about me and my sister but not my mom! My mom was really nice to her and that’s what she said? I couldn’t believe a 7yo girl could say something like that.


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