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As far as I can tell the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have retired from Public Duties and are not officially connected to the Royal Family. They are now simply another incredibly wealthy couple living in the USA. It is not the choice of “The Firm” as security is paid for by British taxpayers and is undertaken by the Metropolitan Police. I take it that you aren’t a British taxpayer and wonder if you would be so anxious to provide security for this man who has been very flexible with the truth, who has walked away leaving his brother holding a hell of a lot of responsibility to pay for him swanning around in a $12 million mansion in California. I didn’t think so.

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I learned that my paternal grandmother came from a very old and noble family in Lithuania. All the records I’ve personally uncovered or received from a researcher refer to her relatives as nobles. The family is related to at least four aristocratic clans in Polish and Lithuanian nobility. My parents knew the family was well off, owned land and eventually moved to Krakow in Poland. When my grandmother told her parents she and her husband were going to America, they gave her $5000 USD ($149,439.77 today).. She followed my grandfather to the US, gave birth to six children, lost one in infancy, was very religious, worked very hard at home and in the garden, but was well educated (for girls of her time). I was told she had an air of refinement (but not snobbery) about her.


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