Does anyone find it suspicious that Bernie Sanders 2020 Me Not Us shirt. the entire news media is holding Senator McCain up like a beacon. Just a few years ago when he ran against their beloved anointed one there was nothing that they could support him for. I suspect it is Trump derangement syndrome since he and Trump did not agree. Having him lie in state is a little over the top, that is an honor held for very special cases.

Bernie Sanders 2020 Me Not Us shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Bernie Sanders 2020 Me Not Us  Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
Bernie Sanders 2020 Me Not Us  Hoodie
Bernie Sanders 2020 Me Not Us  Sweatshirt
Bernie Sanders 2020 Me Not Us  Unisex

I don’t mean to take away from Senator McCain’s service I don’t doubt that he was a great man, it just makes me wonder Bernie Sanders 2020 Me Not Us shirt. I’m a little superstitious, and it’s not easy to speak ill of the dead but, McCain was a dirtbag. Almost all of the votes he cast benefitted only the rich and super-rich even though his speeches were usually in favor of the opposite side. One issue I followed him on was the torture bill, during bush jr.’s term. McCain said how he had been a P.O.W. and tortured so he was against the torture bill, AND THEN HE VOTED FOR IT. He flipped on several other bills as well. His vote on saving Obama’s ACA was a surprise, although it was probably connected with his understanding of his own health problems at that time. Don’t you care for other people? McCain advocated for every war the US started and joked about bombing Iran. Either people in the west became really ignorant, or they basically think that lives of nonwhite/western people don’t matter. Ask people in Iraq or Yugoslavia what they think of this “true gentleman”. It’s sad that the once-proud GOP has now nominated a man who peddles vaccine-autism conspiracies, throws around racial slurs like it’s nothing, and chose a Tea Party religious extremist as Vice President. Oh wait, McCain did all of those things. I’m not going to celebrate his death but let’s not pretend like we lost a valuable contributor to US politics. I’m sad for his family. But the man supported policies and actions that resulted in the deaths of millions including children. Fuck him. Saying he was a good man is condoning murder essentially. Something about a dude I dislike. He had his principles, vile as they may be, and stood by them. With civility as it is today, he was a gentleman. He was not a bad person, I just wholeheartedly questioned his motives at times. The last real and semi-relatable Republican has passed. He was hateful yet reasonable. Our politics have entered a sadder state. Sadly. Disagree with the guy as much as you want. He had friends across the aisle for a reason.
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