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Simple answer really, she hogged most of the so called ‘Interview’ and probably told Harry a bunch of lies with regards to what she was going to say and of course he believed her. Meghan has used half truths and misrepresentations including utter lies to secure her position in what she considers to be able to weald power over those that ‘stand in her way’ So far it’s only Harry that she’s been able to do this to for he has very little say in the relationship which initially he thought he was supporting a ‘wronged’ woman from the press. Meghan thinks she’s clever, using race and mental health as a ‘black woman’ to create unrest in racial issues and to protect herself from claims of proven bad behaviour.

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It hasn’t worked, she will continue spreading rumours and misinformation with regards to the royal family as she’s desperate to remain relevant and needs that connection in order for her to be mentioned in the media after all it is the royal family who are famous, she only became so through association. Nobody has ‘seen’ Archie since the infamous South African Tour, which is another example of how far removed that she is from reality. The birth itself was shrouded in mystery and the consultant that she said delivered Archie has since denied this! Do you really think the royal family will adorn a child a princely title that he is not entitled to due to protocols and without evidence that he was not born through a surrogate? , yep Meghan has unwittingly raised the question with regards to Archie’s imaginary or genuine existence.


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