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That young guy seemed to be pickier about the Community advocacy liberation shirt so you should to go to store and get this way I did my algebra homework- and he was giving me grades that were NOT as good as a result. When I took the final exam for that algebra class on the last day of school- he gave me a failing grade because he did NOT tell us everything that we would need to study. I got a 69 on the exam- so I actually just failed it by only one point. That other guy was very nice- and even cared about helping the kids understand the lessons. I started my senior year taking a physics class that he taught. While he tried his best to explain the subject- I NEVER could follow anything that he talked about. I found myself having to ask his help on every homework paper that he gave out- and then later failed the first test that he had given. Since I had a low grade in there- my mom told me to just drop that class. So my dad came in with me the next morning- and he told the principal to take me out of the physics class. The man was very understanding about it- and did say he would let the teacher know I was NOT going to be in there anymore. Then he suddenly said why he hired him to replace that other guy. The other guy apparently got on the main computer in the school library- and caused it to have a virus. He got into a program that was tainted- and the entire computer system had crashed. So they had to get a computer expert to come out and fix it. The new guy had worked in a lab setting up computer programs- so he volunteered to work on it and that helped get him the job after that other guy had to be fired. I was NOT told exactly what kind of program it was that had been tainted- but that made me wonder if it had been “porn”. After dropping that physics class- I no longer had that nice guy as a teacher for anything and was moved into a study period in its place. However- I later got to know that guy personally because I started to send him e-mails on his home computer. All teachers had their personal e-mails in the school directory- and I decided to talk to him because he was a young person living by himself. Then I started going in his classroom during lunch and talking with him in there. After we did that for a while- he decided we could have lunch together somewhere one Saturday. So that happened on the last weekend before I graduated high school.

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