Dating Tom Holland shirt

Dating Tom Holland shirt

When Zendaya and Tom Holland could literally care less about all those dating rumors so they do something to get payback. Dating Tom Holland shirt. And woman been getting bigger and bigger, noone wants to carry a boulder bitch. I honestly saw no chemistry between the two of them, it was really forced and awkward. She kind of didn’t fit in the movie imo. And I don’t care if she’s mj or not.

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Bst Dating Tom Holland shirt

Dating Tom Holland shirt. I dont care, she shouldnt be playing MJ. Yall conplain when a white actor plays a asian role, and yall screamed at Disney for not finding the right actor for Allid. And yet you give the role to her. Movie was okay, but she did not fit the part. I was getting upset when ppl where saying she didnt fit the part but you also have a great point!

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