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This month marks the one-year anniversary since life as we knew it transformed and we hunkered down at home to navigate a global health crisis turned economic crisis (in an election year, no less). As life shifted so drastically across the globe, so did what we purchased. Whether fashion or home decor, we quickly turned to essentials and mood-boosting items that brought calm and brightness to our days spent at home. With the vaccine rollout moving swiftly, there’s an omnipresent hope for re-emergence, but many of the items we’ve grown to know and love over the past year remain relevant. Here, we look back at all the things we introduced into our lives, from luxurious loungewear to house plants.

I am a simple man I like classic car and believe in shirt

The face mask, once solely a protective measure, is now a stylish consideration when getting dressed. Countless designers have made their own iterations and, over the past year, each of us has grown to find a mask we love for both the function and fashion it provides.When it comes to items that peaked in quarantine, look no further than the house dress. Brought on by Hill House Home’s oft sold-out range of pretty Nap Dresses, the concept of a dress comfortable enough to take a nap in but polished enough to feel dressed up took hold. The style quickly became a new wardrobe essential to add to your closet.

I am a simple man I like classic car and believe in s hoodie

For Shazam, filming was emotionally taxing and often exhausting. “It was really intense, like therapy that the cameras were capturing. Every night when I would go home, I would be so debilitated, I would literally fall asleep with my full face being on. So many of our truths were just out on display,” says Shazam. The experience allowed Shazam, who grew up in a traditional, religious Guyanese household, to look inward at her own growth. Ultimately, filming Shine True changed Shazam, and she recalls returning to New York a different person. “I evolved so much,” she says. “Because of the circumstance, I was really able to embrace different sides of myself that I’m so grateful for. I don’t know if I would have really been able to do it without this show.”

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