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Our governments are representative democracies, bi-partisan to be more specific, which means our citizen’s powers end at the voting of which politicians we elect. Although we are far more stable than many other countries, the system is fraught with greedy corruption. Despite their titles as public servants, politicians far too often prioritize catering to private lobbying interests with the most money to “donate,” first and foremost. Simply put, this has only exacerbated the crisis of economic disparity. They sell our tax paid infrastructure and give our manufacturing jobs to overseas. They give free reign to large corporations to rape our planet. Primary industry takes precedence over our rivers, lakes, oceans, skies and land, far too often. If a global catastrophe from this recklessness incurred, our nations top the list of culprits.

There is light in all this. We share an amazing quality in our ability to unify through times of crises. Despite our wars, we are very generous nations in our foreign aid contributions and our active interventions to help other countries in strife. We are formidable as innovative, technological powerhouses. We are productive and hard working. We are rich in our countries’ natural resources and picturesque landscapes. We are active members in international diplomacy and share our intent towards spreading democracy to the world, despite its repeated failure to help anyone else. As individuals, we typically love our shared planet, civilization and humanity, despite what our actions may appear as.

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I went into college with every intention of going to med school, possibly an MD-PhD. It was my dream since I was young to be a physician, to be that person in a white cost that helps others, or in green scrubs. Pick your stereotypical image. Did some shadowing in high school, as much as one can. Excelled in my studies and got into a good school out of state, started my pre-med education, in addition to a physics as my primary major. Halfway through my sophomore year I had a conversation with a professor after a class, a chemistry professor in one of my pre-med classes, to be exact. I was talking about various “medical things”, this ambition and that goal. I’ll never forget what my professor said, towards the end of the conversation:

“Mr. Matthews, you’re a very bright student in a university full of bright people, so don’t take this the wrong way. But you are ABSOLUTELY not cut out for the medical field. You’re too selfish, too personal goal oriented, too materialistic, and lack the deep personal compassion needed for a successful medical career. You might have it here (he tapped his head) but you don’t have it here (he tapped his chest). I don’t think you can handle the hand to mouth living that comes with residency along with the brutal hours. You don’t care enough. Sorry, Mr. Matthews, that’s my opinion.”

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