Gohan and piccolo pai shirt

Gohan and piccolo pai shirt

Cell Saga rehash. Instead of Gohan and piccolo pai shirt it’s trunks. Trunks basically was told everything is his fault like how with gohan not being able to protect his friends. rage pushed him to a enraged ssj2. Reminds me of the false super saiyan form off the lord slug movie. Powers of the God but not fully. Everything’s from the eyes to the appearance reminds me of that form goku used.

Gohan and piccolo pai shirt, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt

Gohan and piccolo pai V-neck t-shirt
V-neck t-shirt
Gohan and piccolo pai Ladies tee
Ladies tee
Gohan and piccolo pai Sweater
Gohan and piccolo pai Hoodie

Best Gohan and piccolo pai shirt

Gohan and piccolo pai shirt.Its false super sayian blue, like when goku went false super sayian. Has to be. Trunks is the original super sayian god was first thought that came to mind after I watched the episode. I think that trunks has become the legendary super saiyan of legend , like reached the max potential out of the regular super saiyan form. Yellow and blue makes green green is brolys color legendary super Saiyan confirmed.

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