Goku and vegeta shirt

Goku and vegeta shirt

Gokou cannot do a ultra instinct with super saiyan form Goku and vegeta shirt. Video show super saiyan 3 with black hair. This is more like it. I doubt Goku is sponsored by saiyanisland. Gohans outfit kinda reminds me of that one that Rock Lee wears. Yea I’m not sure if I like the new Gohan look or not lol. Vegeta’s body is too small for his head. Needs to be bigger like in the buu saga.

Goku and vegeta shirt, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt

Goku and vegeta V-neck t-shirt
V-neck t-shirt
Goku and vegeta Ladies tee
Ladies tee
Goku and vegeta Sweater
Goku and vegeta Hoodie

Best Goku and vegeta shirt

Goku and vegeta shirt. I like gohans outfit cause he’s gonna look real nerdy but when he powers up and goes super Saiyan it will make his transformation even more cooler. Future Gohan with one arm will always be the best Gohan. That’s the point it’s a bit of a tribute to Naruto since the anime ended. Looks better but goku needs the kami symbol. Vegeta use to be swole? Why is he back to the sayian saga days?

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