Goku for president shirt

Goku for president shirt

Goku for president shirt. Why are the same ppl there doing the same thing expecting change. We the ppl change the presidency now it is time change all of Congress. Cookie Rhinesmith Linfoot Yep we survived and vow never to go back to a Democrat again they don’t even like Americans. Nancy Brinser Your family was anti American to start with. You hated the idea of equal rights under the law for all not just people like yourself.

Goku for president shirt, hoodie, sweater and tank top

Goku for president Tank top
Tank top
Goku for president Sweater
Goku for president Hoodie

Best Goku for president shirt

The government is to fat and bloated. Slash every dime of Goku for president shirt. Slash some of these wasteful government spending programs. Slash and keep slashing until it drives the democrats to their knees. Democrats should apologize for the last 8 yrs of Obama for his Obamacare, where he lied to the people about keeping their doctors and premiums will go down! pologize for backing Obama on all the job killing regulations which kept us in recession to near depression! Apologize that they have covered up for Hillary.

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