Groot and Bb8 shirt

Groot and Bb8 shirt

Groot and Bb8 shirt. Yes the voice acting is arguably better and the animation is better but it got rid of some of the best things about the original anime such as  speech when the supreme Kai claimed his fight. Was meaningless we go from that to him sounding like a whiny little bitch that got slapped upside the head. That’s another thing too man, the quotes. It seems the scenes that had epic speeches in are horribly butchered.

Groot and Bb8 shirt, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt

Groot and Bb8 V-neck t-shirt
V-neck t-shirt
Groot and Bb8 Ladies tee
Ladies tee
Groot and Bb8 Sweater
Groot and Bb8 Hoodie

Best Groot and Bb8 shirt

I feel almost the same way with redoing the Groot and Bb8 shirt. Yes I personally think the fight between is better in super than. It is in Battle of gods because it shows getting used to and constently gaining power through out the fight but the moment where hits shouts! And goes supersaiyan just kinda felt flat to me. As always had an amazing time, met lots of new people, even received fan mail from the sweetest little girl named Miranda! Hard work and dedication trumps Murphy’s law 100% of the time.

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