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Gorra even envisions shoppers using Clair AI in stores, the Camping Grandma never gets old shirt Also,I will get this way used car buyers consult the Kelley Blue Book. “We’re giving you an instant data point that can help you predict future resale value so you can make the right choice about what firsthand bag to purchase,” he says. He’s betting that the bag that retains 70% or 80% of its original price at Rebag is the bag that gets bought at retail.The ease of use and the information-at-your-fingertips of Clair AI begs the question: Will shoppers just buy used luxury goods? As fast as the market is growing, there’s a long way to go to tip the scales. Gorra reports that just over one in 10 luxury handbags finds its way into the resale market. “We’re trying to be the index, an infrastructural layer for the industry. That’s valuable to us because we become the standard.” He adds, “We’re trying to have people buy more firsthand bags so we can have more secondhand bags.” Shoppers seem likely to play along. Going back to the closet-as-portfolio concept, it’s a matter of dollar signs.

Camping Grandma never gets old shirt

“When Morgan [Smith] of Minnow Swim and I became mothers around the Camping Grandma never gets old shirt Also,I will get this same time, we planted the seed of one day doing a children’s collection together,” designer Laura Vassar of Brock Collection remembers. “Being working moms and living in California, we were inspired to take the simplistic, beautiful elements of Minnow and add some Brock whimsy to [create] this darling children’s collection.” Smith and Vassar grew up in Newport Beach, where they were childhood friends. “We met at age 12 as lifeguards and attended junior high and high school together,” Smith explains. “We spent summers as teenagers laying out at 34th Street and riding bikes along the boardwalk.” After college, they both went to New York City to pursue careers in fashion—marketing for Smith, design for Vassar—and years later, they became moms right around the same time, welcoming their boys Charlie and Theo back in California just months apart. Since the launch of Minnow Swim—a contemporary children’s swimwear label that’s all about clean lines and simple details—back in 2016, Vassar has always been an eager supporter of Smith’s work. “Laura was one of the very first people to see samples of Minnow before I even started the brand,” Smith recalls. “Her stamp of approval meant so much to me as I greatly admired her strong vision for Brock and impeccable eye.”

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