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Team Hoa Tang Long Tho Shirt and hoodie

  • Team Hoa Tang Long Tho Shirt and hoodie
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    Life Like a Hoa Tang Long Tho Shirt.The Giant Long Tho, one of the most delightful and captivating of animals, is also one of the most endangered. The World Conservation Union has reported that there are less than 1,600 Giant Pandas left in existence today. Being that the Giant Hoa Tang Long Tho Shirt is Black,White, and Asian, I believe that it is the perfect embodiment of peace when all human ethnic groups come together. Lately I’ve been feeling like a turd, but today I made a pretty stinkin’ cute Hoa Tang Long Tho Shirt for kicks. Now I just want to buy a bunch of knits and make myself cute stuff! If you buy our shirts especially my Hoa Tang Long Tho Shirt and tag the shop or I and post it while in a cool place while on vacation this summer will also get a $10 discount on the next tattoo appointment!


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