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But while there’s instant gratification in a scrub that leaves skin smooth, experts agree that chemical exfoliation, which uses acids to gently dissolve away dead skin, is the We hooked the best dad fishing fathers day 2021 vintage shirt also I will do this best strategy for treating keratosis pilaris. According to Murphy-Rose, options for chemical exfoliation include topical lotions, creams, or serums that contain glycolic acid and lactic acid (AHAs), salicylic acid (a BHA), gluconolactone (a PHA), and urea. Offering the ultimate hybrid between physical and chemical is Soft Services, a new and impossibly stylish body-care brand founded by Glossier alums Annie Kreighbaum and Rebecca Zhou. Two of its debut products are the Buffing Bar, an exfoliating brick featuring ultrafine microcrystals and hydrating shea butter, and Smoothing Solution, a gel exfoliant laced with lactic acid, urea, and soothing centella.

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