HRH the duke of edinburgh 1921-2021 shirt

The tall tale presented, namely that the Royals didn’t give Archie a title and security because he was going to possibly have dark skin color, is as silly as her tale about “the Archbishop of Canterbury marrying them in the backyard” or Harry’s fable about “needing to run away from the woods of Canada when the border was closing, because Canadians knew where they were so they had to flee to the safety of Los Angeles during BLM riots (because Heaven knows, that’s a LOT safer that being at the mercy of random Canadians out walking in the woods).”

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HRH the duke of edinburgh 1921-2021 shirt

I took the kids and left. As Wade “Neo” Wilson said, he experienced a full blown collapse. How do I know? Because we had a business together and I had reason to be in contact with him. He quit working his end and I was seeing my empire going down the drain. That business was my life, and my paycheck! He got into heavy (or heavier) drinking, ate one meal a day, usually some burnt up sausages, didn’t take care of the dishes or the house (not like he ever did anyway.) He pulled every trick in the book to make me feel sorry for him and come back to take care of him. He drank away the mortgage money, so I was losing my house! He was pitiful. He was filling the house up with furniture, for all of the “friends” he was going to entertain. He bought a new set of pots and pans, as if that is what I needed! Got a side by side refrig/freezer, which was a real energy hog. He started some half ass construction in the house. Yeah, that’s just what I needed too, right?


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