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No I don’t think anyone will and I have mixed feelings about it. There were some blatant lies told and to my mind they should be put right, but on the other hand given these two and their propensity to take out lawsuits it wouldl turn into a blood bath and that is what they, the likes of Oprah and all the other anti royalists on both sides of the Pond would love. Queen Elizabeth is nearly 95 and in case anyone has forgotten Prince Philip has been in hospital for getting on a month the longest time ever. Is he even still alive?

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I suspect Harry, Meghan and Oprah are incandescent that all has gone quiet and I fear they will light the touch paper again. I hope not. They have had their say, they need to shut up and live to regret what they have done. Harry’s mother wound up deeply regretting what she did and had she not done it she might be alive today because she would have accepted the royal protection that was offered her. Prince Charles will be in bits at the ingratitude of his selfish son who has lived off him all his life, who has told lies such as the bike riding thing and the money. His brother is clearly very upset by the whole thing. So it must be very tempting for them to come out fighting, they do not react on emotion they stay in the bunkers.


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