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Set against a woodland backdrop, the collection was a big one for Simons’s now-signature knitwear, with boxy argyles and multi-colored weaves starting to appear en masse. The most famous of Simons’s Creeper sweaters is the Nebraska version. Made to pill, fray, and develop holes, the collegiate-looking crewneck has become one of the designer’s most coveted grails, worn in music videos by A$AP Rocky and Rihanna. (It also spurred an homage collection from Virgil Abloh in 2015.)Don’t let the superstar sweater distract from this show’s other innovations. Virginia Creeper marks the rare appearance of a puffer coat in Simons’s collections. Maybe those items are the secret grails here.

Ih nom uh nit 3yr anniv print shirt

Can you show the same collection twice? Raf Simons’s new Archive Redux rerelease of 100 pieces from past shows allows a second life for specific items, but his spring 2021 collection took the idea much further. Back in 1999, Simons presented a nearly all-black collection titled “Disorder—Incubation—Isolation” that opened with three models carrying flags, one with each word on it. After seven months of pandemic-induced quarantine in 2020, Simons debuted a nearly no-black collection called “Teenage Dreams,” citing the same three Joy Division songs in a press release. The palette may have changed, but the haunting cape hoodies and swing-back coats remained the same. Simons’s logo turtlenecks also persevered, their monogram R migrating from the hip to the neck. With their bowl cuts and haunting demeanor, the models in this show exude a certain timelessness—or maybe it’s that no matter how far we come, disorder, incubation, and isolation remain at the heart of our lived experience.

Ih nom uh nit 3yr anniv print hoodie

Praise this digital moment in fashion all you want, but there really is a reason we’ve been running around Paris all these years looking at clothes in person. On a video call from their rue François 1er studio, Lisi Herrebrugh and Rushemy Botter did their best to illustrate through a screen the clever techniques that defined their Nina Ricci pre-collection. You’d never realize from looking at the pictures, but each look was “a total look,” as Herrebrugh said, with single garments collaged from several deconstructed ones. A look that read like a skirt and a jacket, for example, was actually one single coat.A trench coat with a built-in contrast-color underpinning looked like three separate pieces. (If the idea of only wearing a coat out triggered flasher associations, Botter said he’d recommend styling it with a skintight roll-neck underneath.) But that wasn’t all. Inspired by the illusions of those contraptions, the designers conjured trompe l’oeil effects within their materials. In one case, a panel on a Prince of Wales check coat was overlaid in georgette, creating a sense of filtrage that tricked the optics. In another case, they had printed the pattern and wool effect of check onto a richer, more fluid fabric to dupe the eye.

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