Hypertshirt – Bart Knows Books Bart Knows Beer Bart Knows Babes Shirt

Then there is Tizo that I really like. If I’m not playing volleyball, I like to put this as my base and then build makeup on top of it. It’s tinted and it’s SPF 40. Those are kind of my three go-tos [for the Bart Knows Books Bart Knows Beer Bart Knows Babes Shirt in other words I will buy this face]. Then for my body, my favorite is Sun Bum because there’s a lot of zinc in it. It’s really white, but that’s usually the whiter the sunscreen, the better it protects you, which is what I’ve learned. It’s a spray which is really convenient for your body when you’re trying to, you know, apply a lot of area. My holy grail face wash is by Marie Veronique. That’s another brand that I really love. It’s founded by this former chemist so she knows so much about just how your skin operates and the microbiome and your skin barrier and all that.

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