Love it. When the I licked it so it’s mine shirt was little, I watched reading rainbow every day. It’s great Lavar Burton was and still is so enthusiastic about getting young people to read. When you only talked out loud about Jordy near your phone and a Facebook ad comes up trying to sell you a shirt with him on it. Way too creepy.This is combining so many things you need in your life. I feel like you might actually try to buy this one.

I licked it so it’s mine shirt,ladies and youth shirt


What is the I licked it so it’s mine shirt? Ordered mine March 29th and haven’t heard a thing about shipping since. I just got out of debt and am 35; so naturally headed towards my midlife crisis. Therefore I’m buying this shirt.  Michael Lieb doesn’t get the joke. Will someone please be kind of explain it to him using more than 5k words?  I don’t have the patience for his retardation. I’ll buy him some shampoo for his hair and beard.

I licked it so it’s mine shirt,hoodie and longsleeve shirt


Just got flashbacks to the I licked it so it’s mine shirt. Kids these days will never know nor appreciate,  Stay away from women in those kind of heels kiddo don’t eat where everyone puts their meat. So true we September girls go thru a lot an still finds the strength an courage to go thru more.  need this shirt. That’s how I truly feel. I’ve done all that and more in less then a years time. Yes I deserve this shirt.

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