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Marriage, arranged or love marriage, is a sacred bond and readily acceptable by society. Failure ratio in marriage in India is still far more low, as both the parties put their utmost endeavor to make a marriage work. Remember the fact that only a small fraction of love affairs in the “world” culminate into marriage, only a small fraction. Whereas, only of small fraction of marriage in India fails, because even the society and parents get involved to resolve issues in between the couples to make that holy bond work which they had blessed at the time of marriage. Marriage, by some, is considered to be romance killer, but exactly it is not the marriage that is a romance killer, but the complacency it brings between partners that acts as a romance killer. If your partner is also your best friend, it will be great journey, let me assure you. I belong to old school in my views related to the topic. I see no harm in you getting into the holy alliance of marriage with your partner, in case you have no doubt over your choice of partner. If you tread little carefully, and if you have chosen a right partner, it will be a pleasant ride. If your partner is not right, the results will never be beautiful, whether it is a love or arranged marriage. If you have faith in your choice, I find it no harm in you sealing the deal with marriage.

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Mine was an arranged marriage, after a series of my failed attempts to make my various relationships work. My wife and me met in a restaurant, under the watchful and curious eyes of our parents and within half an hour of talking to each other, we both knew that we were good for each other. We took the plunge together, got engaged the same day and after a courtship period of two months, we got married. Ride, so far, has been like a roller coaster, with lot of learnings and laughters, sad and happy moments. At the end of the day, I feel, I could not have found a better partner than her. We have been blessed with a beautiful daughter, who we both are raising as a team called family. For all this God has bestowed upon me, I consider myself lucky and blessed. Love has been growing between us everyday from the day we met for the first time. So whether it is arranged or love marriage, it hardly matters, as long as love grows between the partners, as they move forward. That is all that counts.

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