Krull krull shirt

This summer, give me capri pants. I don’t want to show off my upper thighs in some cheek-revealing Daisy Dukes, nor do I want to be sweaty and constricted in a pair of suffocatingly thick jeans. But what I will do is show off a sliver of ankle—and maybe a bit of shin!—with capris. Recently, I unearthed a pair of capris from the Krull krull shirt But I will love this Swedish store Weekday—black with a tiny slit in the front—that felt light as paper. I threw on a pair of thong heels and a halter top and felt immediately like a dream babe from anywhere between the late ’90s and early ’00s. I think I have a slight obsession with these shorts; I haven’t been able to stop wearing them. The gender-neutral brand ONE DNA has my heart and repackaged it back to me as these short, striped sleeper shorts perfect for a calm girl summer.

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