Love fire dept shirt

Love fire dept shirt

Republicans are drinking vodka to russian tunes tonight in honor of the great meeting with US president putin this democrat hates our president and I’m not surprised to hear him cut down our president as usual! I’m proud of my president and with his good inroads in europe and russia.The Love fire dept shirt comes out with their bogus announcement right before the summit and right after the summit the swamp dwellers all attack with their fake outrage.

Love fire dept ladies shirt

Love fire dept ladies shirt
ladies shirt

Hilary and obama’s policies destroyed Iraq and libyan causing unsuitability in the middle east ,just because to put more money in defense contractors pocket first meeting he had with russia they were worried about a nuclear war now there worried because trump is to friendly he will never win with the democrats  the Love fire dept shirt, is that he doesn’t care if he wins with dems or not.When will they all realize the president has a plan and whatever he says, whenever he says it.

Love fire dept hoodie and sweater

Love fire dept sweater
Love fire dept hoodie

Is precisely part of his plan we’ve played this game before great comedy but it has just gotten so old and boring days a year other than bad mouth our president what has this guy done to earn his pay I know nothing! Just my opinion just enough already he’s no doubt american and no doubt our president! I watched the Love fire dept shirt in entirety today and I couldn’t be more proud.

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