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Taking deep breaths in through my root chakra and up through my spine while sitting in lotus position atop an old, drool-stained pillow has become a much-needed chill pill for my hamster-wheel brain, while also activating my core, almost like a workout. But the real payoff of these classes comes five minutes in, after three rounds of 33 audible inhales and exhales, when Johann urges us to let it all out. “Scream, cry, make weird noises; there’s no judgment here. Let the body express however it needs to, but let that shit go,” he commands.

Antigua & barbuda heritage shirt

In the wake of yet another confusing citywide stay-at-home order from Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti, I was in fact screaming—letting out powerful growls, bellows, and howls that traveled through the walls—and I had been ever since lockdown number one in mid-March. I was introduced to sound-release therapy in the context of Pyramid Breath Method, which has become the lynchpin of my morning routine. I feel better when I scream, but I also tune into the virtual class because of its instructor, Johann Urb, a gorgeous, magnetic actor/transformational life coach who, if I’m lucky, takes off his shirt midsession. (You better believe I pray for hot days.)

Antigua & barbuda heritage hoodie

On a recent Wednesday morning, my daily breathwork practice was interrupted by aggressive knocking on the front door of my beach bungalow, nestled behind the Venice Pier. I answered it and saw my neighbors, Derek and Ann, looking alarmed. “We heard loud screaming and crying and just wanted to make sure you were safe.” I was new to the building. They were new to my primal screams.

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