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The immersive live-audio company Resounding has announced a residency at Radial Park in Queens, with five different “theatrical drive-ins” confirmed for the spring season. They arrive on the heels of last fall’s “Broadway at the Park,” which featured visual projections on the park’s drive-in screen while actors performed live musical numbers for audiences. Upcoming stagings include the audio play adaptations of Treasure Island and The Tempest, as well as the original ghost thriller Beyond the Veil.

Drink kore ring koro na shirt

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Drink kore ring koro na s hoodie

For anyone suffering from a year without dance parties, the Park Avenue Armory has you covered. Social! The Social Distance Dance Club is exactly what it sounds like: an “interactive music and movement-based experience” where attendees dance in their own socially distanced spotlights. If that sentence alone makes your social anxiety flare up, never fear. Each ticket comes with an instructional dance video from David Byrne, who also curated the dance club’s playlist with Steven Hoggett and Christine Jones. The multifaceted experience starts April 9 and runs through April 22.

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