Metallica 40th anniversary 1981 2021 thank you for the memories signature shirt

Now coming back from Africa on a 12 -13 hour flight with Metallica 40th anniversary 1981 2021 thank you for the memories signature shirt before the pandemic Delta would serve dinner and breakfast along with a snack shortly before landing. The snack usually included a granola bar or a candy bar of some sort. But, not everyone eats those as we are landing in the early morning hours right when customs opens for the day 5:30 to 6:00 am. We clear customs and then usually people from the same flight will reach security to take a domestic connecting flight home. So while we just flew together for 12+ hours on the same plane overnight we don’t actually know each other. Reaching the security screening I put my shoes on the conveyor, then my carry-on computer bag on the conveyor. These go into the scanner and it takes a lot longer time than usual for them to come out. My bag is snatched from the scanner and put to the side. The next person in line has the same experience and then the next until 6 of us from the same Delta flight are standing there while 3 supervisors and other assorted security personnel and a dog are functionally surrounding us.Metallica 40th anniversary 1981 2021 thank you for the memories signature shirt

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(The dog was not the friendly-looking beagle or golden retriever type) They ask me first what’s in the bag to which I tell them what I specifically remember and then they search an outside pocket with a book and such in it and they pull out….the MARS candy bar Delta served as the morning snack. Looking around the same thing is happening to the other 5 people. And so before I was allowed to leave and seeing that we all have full-size Mars Bars in our carry-ons I asked one of the supervisors what they thought it was. She said “C-4”…. yup, plastic explosives. I told her to get ready then because we were the first 6 to clear customs and there was a full flight of 300 people who were all served Mars Bars for ‘breakfast’. It may not be that rude, but the pastor was getting ready to perform a baptism when he found out that someone had forgotten to fill the basin with water. He handed it to someone and said loud enough for everyone to hear, “Will please go the holy bathroom and fill this with holy water from the holy faucet.” The entire church laughed out loudStephen Curry Nbpa 30 golden state Stephen curry signature hoodie

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