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What began as a day of celebration for many Democrats, after the Designated Huascar Shirt in contrast I will get this Reverend Raphael Warnock ousted Kelly Loeffler in Georgia’s Senate race, quickly turned chaotic and violent, as an angry mob of President Donald Trump’s supporters stormed the Capitol on Wednesday afternoon in an attempt to stop Congress’s counting of electoral votes to confirm President-elect Joe Biden’s victory. In a defiant, tone-setting speech on Wednesday morning, President Donald Trump vowed to “never concede” and encouraged attendees to march up the National Mall towards the Capitol in order to “give our Republicans…the kind of pride and boldness that they need to take back our country.” Thousands of Trump’s supporters took him at his word, marching to the Capitol—where the vote to confirm Biden as president was taking place—and making their way into the building as police resistance proved futile. HuffPost reporter Igor Bobic summarized the escalating situation in real time on Twitter, describing incensed Trump supporters approaching the Senate chamber:

Designated Huascar Shirt

BuzzFeed News reporter Ellie Hall tweeted her report of talking to a Trump supporter who claimed to have been tear-gassed inside the Designated Huascar Shirt in contrast I will get this Capitol. NBC News Congressional reporter Frank Thorp V tweeted a video of Trump supporters on the Senate floor. Washington Post reporter Rebecca Tan noted the seeming lack of police presence at the north side of the Capitol just before 4 p.m. Elected officials, including representatives Cori Bush and Elaine Luria, took to Twitter to describe being forced to evacuate their offices or shelter in place while hearing the sound of gunshots outside. It was later reported that a woman was in critical condition after being shot in the chest on the Capitol grounds. It’s particularly painful to consider the fact that the Trump administration has spent years going out of its way to paint journalists as “the enemy of the people”. Today, however, when a small but vocal subsection of “the people” descended on the Capitol, the same journalists that Trump vilified were on the ground to document the day’s horrors and continue to hold power to account.

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