Neon Gohan SSJ shirt

Neon Gohan SSJ shirt

I think what trunks just did is, instead of Neon Gohan SSJ shirt combining super saiyan and god ki like goku and vegeta did, this is merely super saiyan rage with the core of ssb, god ki surrounded by the most angered incarnation of super saiyan.  See, if it is a half blood SSB transformation, everyone already now, is calling for Gohan to get it. Gohan is just a laughing stock now. He won’t be in a major role anytime soon.

Neon Gohan SSJ shirt, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt

Neon Gohan SSJ V-neck t-shirt
V-neck t-shirt
Neon Gohan SSJ Ladies tee
Ladies tee
Neon Gohan SSJ Sweater
Neon Gohan SSJ Hoodie

Best Neon Gohan SSJ shirt

Neon Gohan SSJ shirt. I like this transformation because how they set it up and he looks pure badass. I could see it as a half SSB transformation or a new one only Trunks can do. Why can’t there get gohan to burst like the good old days when his power breaks above everything else myby green ssgss at the ssj4 style just insane and broken. You need a calm mind to become ss blue. Future Trunks is a lot of things but rarely is he or has he ever been calm of mind.

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