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The next day, after our kids came back home, they North Carolina just us tar heels shirt immediately discovered a large hole in the game room door. It turns out that the older boy had accidentally locked himself in the game room, and couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t open, so he literally kicked a massive hole through the the backside of the door. Now these are the standard, cheapo doors that come with most middle-income homes, but still… he kicked through one side of the door. Those types of cheap doors are usually less than $200 at Home Depot, fully prepped, and can be installed by nearly any idiot (such as myself)… Why say nothing?North Carolina just us tar heels shirt

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These were not people that were incapable of offering to and/or paying for a $200 fix that was required because their son caused unnecessary damage to our home… and the children were not supposed to be there in the first place. A few weeks ago I was in a large chain store. It was a weekend and since I am disabled and can’t stand for long, I normally don’t shop in weekends. But I was out of dog food and that chain is the only one in the area that carries the brand my dogs like. The lines were terrible. I was leaning against a display, trying to stay out of the way of cross traffic and maintain distancing. I was in so much pain I seriously wondered if it was worth it. But, the puppies. Yes. Then a woman with a cart piled high looked like she was just walking fiwn the main aisle. Instead, she stopped in the gap I had left for people to pass. After I finished, the worker closed out that register and went over to the one I was originally waiting for. When the line-cutter was next, the worker told the clerk, “aren’t you supposed to be on break?” Because she had had cash transactions, they needed to count out the till. The line cuttercwas still fuming after I bought a coffee at the coffee shop in the corner and left. Perhaps 15 minutes after she woukd have been checked out if she hadn’t cut. Strawberry milk Hoodie

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