Official Gohan shirt

Official Gohan shirt

I like both of Official Gohan shirt the Anime, but since the research already stated by the Creators that even the weakest DBZ Characters can easily destroy planets if it’s necessary for them to defeat an opponent. But I can hardly see the fighters try to blow up planets like the earth. Yes, Genjutsu is a bit tricky but some of them were Trained by Gods Kami that even mental tricks can simply be avoided even if it’s well executed.

Official Gohan shirt, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt

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Official Gohan V-neck t-shirt
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Official Gohan shirt already tried to set up his own Mental fights by making up his own opponents to fight in his mind. This is only a simple training for him.  When people say blowing up planets it doesnt mean theyll blow up a planet, its telling u the power behind the attack for example, goku in god mode can destroy multiple galaxies with a full power kamehameha, doesnt mean he is, the purpose

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