Official Odin Viking shirt

Official Odin Viking shirt

Official Odin Viking shirt. I realize people have been complaining about how complacent and Ragnar might seem with regards to Lagertha reclaiming back her lands etc. People are so simple minded they don’t even have a fraction of an idea how his mind ticks, he might seem like he’s losing it, but his head is quite in the game and 5 steps ahead of you.  I agree with you. Lagertha and Ragnar know that they need Kallf’s warriors in France but can’t start a civil till after they pillage the place.

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Best Official Odin Viking shirt

Official Odin Viking shirt. He could do both! That blows. Love his character! Odin, guide our ships our axes spears and swords. Guide us through the storms that whip and in brutal war! Why would you be so rude and charge so much for ‘fans’ to buy your apparel when we are the ones giving you ratings and keeping the show going?

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