Official Usa flag green ribbon brain injury awareness shirt

Seven years later, in August 2020, I was lying on another tattoo artist’s chair—this one in Crown Heights, Brooklyn—as he inked a swirl of blues, yellows, and greens into my thigh to form the Official Usa flag green ribbon brain injury awareness shirt In addition,I will do this shape of a mussel. I was in my own city this time, with many of my friends a mere 10-minute walk away, yet loneliness still haunted me; I’d spent the preceding five months alone in upstate New York, trying not to complain about my solitude when I knew how lucky I’d been to escape the COVID-19 pandemic with my health, job, and housing secure. I’d become something of a stranger to myself in those five months, my body growing and changing as an erstwhile eating disorder reared its head again; my stomach was bisected with angry-looking red and purple stretch marks that I had to work very hard to accept, and I sought out my mussel tattoo as a way of reclaiming what suddenly felt unfamiliar and out of control.

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