Osh Babe when he’s hot he’s hot shirt

Im Britain we don’t use prudish euphamisms for the function of the Osh Babe when he’s hot he’s hot shirt. Toilet is were we go to urinate or defecate. Terms like bathroom are misleading, unless it is a room with a bath in it. The most common signs will read “toilet” which is slightly confusing as a toilet in it’s archaic meaning is the act of preparing oneself for the day which includes washing and dressing. Nowadays the term means emptying the bladder and bowel and not necessarily washing. When I was working…on several occasions someone kept taking my lunch. I didn’t know who kept taking it as we had a break/lunchroom in the rear of the store. We had enough employees that maybe four or five employees would take lunch at the same time. Well our lunches on that day were staggered because we had a big sale going on and only one employee went to lunch every 10–15 minutes. The first employee was usually very reserved but on this day..hmmmm that mouse trap did him a favor and got his fingers…the only way I knew was him that took my lunches before was..I was the second employee to take lunch that day and he was still in our break/lunch room with my bag in front of him and he was cussing like crazy and the mouse trap was next to the bag in front of him. I was working on a gambling ship we was approximately 10–11 miles out and it start storming bad.Osh Babe when he’s hot he’s hot shirt

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The ship was falling into 20 ft swells and you can see the ocean come up over the deck and see water through the windows and then upright and into the swells over and over you could hear glasses breaking from the bar we actually had to put our bodies against the craps table to stop it from sliding across the room. What helped me was seeing veteran coworkers not scared at all so I thought I would look like a sissy fool and who wants to be that guy right before you die lol but it was an experience. I was racking my brain thinking of something that happened in a casino that scared me but couldn’t think of anything. That shooting at Mandalay Bay couple years ago Scared many at my job cause they didn’t know if there were multiple shooters around town. From what I hear it was chaos for a minute lot of the people screaming running and some passing out. I was off that night. When I returned to work they had drills and we were assigned different tasks and where we should meet if something should ever happen. Life can and should be like heaven for everyone in the world there should be no homelessness no people hungry or cold, those are the things that scare me. UFO Psychonaut University hoodie

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