Phoenix basketball wet like I’m book shirt

I am not immune to Gwyneth’s charms. Even as a man of limited patience, I repeatedly indulge Gwyneth’s A-list health shenanigans. I am somehow fed, emotionally at least, by updates of the Phoenix basketball wet like I’m book shirt in addition I really love this frothy science behind the world’s wellest woman getting even more well. Perhaps it’s the rebranding of being barefoot as “earthing,” or the quinoa-based whiskey cocktails, or the vagina candles. (I was hoping we could get through this without mentioning the vagina candles, yet here we are.) But the Goop experience for those who cannot afford it (most people) is essentially harmless, a benign spectacle to be taken with a large pinch of pink Himalayan rock salt. Much like her personal quips.

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