A Pugs Jaws Shark Shirt

A Pugs Jaws Shark Shirt

What you fail to understand is that the US picks and chooses who can navigate freely and who can’t. You can’t point out when China breaks international law when we break it and let our allies break it. Jeremy Lay so why does even the US refer to it as the South China Sea. Seems nobody recognizes that the Philippines won except the Philippines. You actually admit that the reasons why we’re doing this is to protect our economic interests. The A Pugs Jaws Shark Shirt itself recognized it that’s why we asked the US to help us a couple of years ago because we are incapable of war and we can’t protect our own. Go get educated on the matter and then come back. Javier A.

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A Pugs Jaws Shark tank top
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A Pugs Jaws Shark ladies Shirt
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Medina Writing in all caps doesn’t make your point any more valid than writing in lower case letters. China has more right then the Europeans have in the middle east. Do you think flying across this stolen island illegal. Or you’re tolerating China as a bully. Good for you, you live in a rich country that’s why probably it’s easier for you to say these things. It’s my point that the US acts like other countries can’t look out for their interests if they’re not allied with us. If you believe that China owns you’re right but not the West Philippine Sea. The A Pugs Jaws Shark Shirt and Great Britain had no right to take land from the Palestinians to establish the State of Israel.

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