Pvhshirts – Official Darth Vader life I find your lack of beard Disturbing shirt

“The French Riviera encapsulates the Official Darth Vader life I find your lack of beard Disturbing shirt moreover I will buy this idea of vintage glamour in a magical way,” says fashion director of GQ France Azza Yousif, who attributes this to the proximity to Monaco and the Festival de Cannes. She explains that the style here is less bohemian than that of the Amalfi Coast and instead presents a perfect backdrop for ’80s and ’90s glam—think vintage Versace and Moschino jeans, Alaïa crop tops, bustiers, long dresses with slits, and all things bright and printed. She points out that, in many cases, said appreciation for vintage is a family affair, curated through generations of beautiful clothing. “Many times after complimenting someone on what they were wearing, they tell you it belonged to their mother. They inherited good clothes and a taste for eveningwear,” Yousif says. A lover of vintage herself, she instantly finds herself abandoning her Parisian black and gray uniform in favor of more printed, colorful, and revealing pieces, with a penchant for Jacquemus by day and Alaïa by night.


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