Pvhshirts – Official RIP Joey Jordison 1975-2021 Shirt


Naturally, they were, and Majors began racking up work. She also started to share her creativity on social media via dance videos and Instagram posts, a move that would eventually lead to an epic homage to her favorite artist. Last year Majors created “Beylloween,” a viral film where she reenacts famous scenes from Beyoncé’s music videos. “I wanted to do something outrageous,” Majors explains. “We were in the Official RIP Joey Jordison 1975-2021 Shirt in contrast I will get this middle of the pandemic, and I wanted to give people something to enjoy.” Though she toyed with the idea of simply posing in versions of the star’s red carpet looks, after a brainstorm with director Matt Alves, Majors knew she had to take things a step further. “We started going through all her videos trying to decide what video we would do, and we both knew we couldn’t do just one,” she says. “Everything snowballed into what eventually became Beylloween; it all fell into place naturally.”


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