Randy watson good boy shirt

Randy watson good boy shirt

The song is a bit of a change-up for the Randy watson good boy shirt In addition,I will do this band. Though the duo already expanded their early harmonious, stripped down indie rock compositions to incorporate more instrumentation on their most recent album, last year’s , Tucker describes “Like I’m Winning It” like a “dungeon song about desire” and the sort of games that go along with it. Given the song’s somewhat darker mood, then, the video fittingly draws inspiration from David Lynch, Greg Araki, and Ozzy Osbourne’s dramatic “No More Tears” video. “We wanted to create this whole fairytale around it that felt really magical and otherworldly,” Tucker says. “We wanted the club scene to be one vortex and then the forest dream sequence to be a whole other vortex because the song is about fantasy, really, so we wanted the video to really capture what escapism through fantasy feels like.”

Randy watson good boy shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

When it came to translating this fantastical spirit to their wardrobes in the Randy watson good boy shirt In addition,I will do this video, London-based, Los Angeles-born stylist Zoe Arquette was a no brainer collaborator for the duo. “She’s incredibly talented and has such a vision with clothes,” Tividad says of Arquette. Tucker ‘s known Arquette for years, as they went to high school in Los Angeles together. “She would literally just show up to school in these unbelievable outfits,” Tucker says. “She would literally show up looking like she was going to a gala. It was shocking and so cool.” Arquette brought this same sensibility to the new video. “She brought so much amazing retro stuff and then all these Victorian pieces. She’ll put this amazing vintage piece on you and you’ll be like, ‘Oh my god, I can’t move in this. I don’t want to fuck it up.’ And she’ll be like, ‘It’s okay,’ and she’ll just start tearing it and rip the fabric so it will stick out in a certain way.” Arquette also custom made certain pieces in the visual, too, and she also pulled some full-out designer looks for Tucker—in the forest scene, Tucker’s wearing head-to-toe Gucci.

Fit & style

  • Toddler boys’ adaptive short-sleeve polo shirt gives him a classic, comfy option for a variety of events
  • Shrink- and fade-resistant fabric helps keep it good as new wear after wear
  • Pre-washed construction gives an extra-soft feel for added comfort
  • Designed with no pockets for a smooth, seamless fit

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