Rip Dmx Rapper 1970-2021 t-shirt

Her ability to be present with her music was enhanced by the Rip Dmx Rapper 1970-2021 t-shirt But I will love this wellness rituals she’s practiced for the past several years. “At the end of high school I started experiencing a lot of anxiety. I kept hearing about meditation but hadn’t tried it,” she remembers. “Once I tried it, I started crying because my mind was so at peace.” She started seeking out speakers and books on meditation. She’s currently reading.These days, UMI has committed to a “grounded morning routine” that includes journaling and spending time in nature (preferably barefoot). She writes down what she wishes for and wants to manifest on a given day. “Before I check my phone, before I re-enter society for the day, I create my own world,” she explains. When she meditates, UMI focuses on chakra meditations. Sometimes she’ll wear the color of the chakra she’s honing in on. “Lately I’ve been working on my throat chakra and wearing a lot of blue and imagining that energy in my throat opening up,” she says. Sound bowls have become a key part of her healing practice as well. When she’s not giving sound baths to friends and family, she brings the bowls to her recording sessions to calm her, and they’ve found their way into her songs.

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