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Funny Unless March for Science 2017 t-shirt

March for Science demonstrates our passion for science and calls for support and protection for the scientific community. It’s time for advocates of scientific research and evidence-based policies to take a public and calculated position. If you love this shirt then click buy it now! Unless March for Science 2017 t-shirt

Not I’m angry i’t me resting bitch face but if you keep asking I show you my awake bitch face shirt

My father just bought a smartphone, asked me how to open wifi, I say he always do not understand, I repeated he still said he did not know. At that time I suppressed, screamed: “Well, Dad do not ask again, I do not know what!” Do not know how my father hurt then how. Little […]

Just a woman who loves coffee shirt

Just a woman who loves coffee shirt

I am only a woman.Also know how to mirror, pink cheeks know love, jealousy, pain when stumblin, also sad when the Just a woman who loves coffee shirt. I’m just a woman, I’m wet. Knowing to smile to cover up tears The novel in life is never true But remember a person whom I loved […]

TupacShakur shirt

who had struck up a friendship with Tyson in the early 1990s, came to Las Vegas like thousands of others to watch “Iron Mike” clean the TupacShakur shirt. That night, Tyson won the World Boxing Association’s heavyweight championship title via first round TKO. After the bout, Mike, ‘Pac and Suge Knight headed to the locker […]

March For Science Washington DC 2017 Cool Shirt And Hoodie

March For Science Washington DC 2017 Cool guys tee

The March for Science in Washington DC will kick off at 10 am on April 22 with a teach-in and rally on the National Mall. This event, co-organized with the Earth Day Network, celebrates science and the enormous public service it provides in our democracy, our economy, and in all our daily lives. We know that many of you […]

Stand with Science! Scientists March on Washington Shirt And Hoodie

Stand with Science! Scientists March on Washington guys tee

Today the new head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, gave an interview in which he denied that CO2 is “a primary contributor” to climate change. It’s an extraordinary denial of 200 years of scientific research. In response to the growing anti-scientific tide in the US – that many think threatens to destroy’s America’s […]

March For Science, Science Is Real Shirt And Hoodie

March For Science, Science Is Real guys tee

ICYMI: The EPA’s Office of Science and Technology Policy no longer lists “science” in the paragraph describing what it does! ““This is probably the most important thing we’ve found so far,” said Gretchen Gehrke, who works on EDGI’s website tracking team. “The language changes here are not nuanced—they have really important regulatory implications.””


science is not an alternative fact guys tee

The US government is scaling down its funding for climate change research, and some other mandate areas of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), including space science (by NASA). The budget cuts are ongoing and are likely to be deep. If you are applying for a “US government-sponsored programme or grant” in any of these areas, this might […]

Unless March for science Earth Day 2017 Shirt And Hoodie

Unless March for science Earth Day 2017 guys tee

Ken Ham: “March for Science” Coming to Washington, DC… On Earth Day, April 22, 2017, a group of scientists and science enthusiasts is marching on Washington, DC, for what they call the March for Science. In addition to the Washington march, satellite marches are taking place around the United States and even internationally. This march, according to the group’s […]

Mad Scientist: Science March Protest Shirt And Hoodie

Mad Scientist: Science March Protest guys tee

A sonogram — is that a beating heart? — of recently penetrated, inherited literary material, which novel embryonic goop might be madly metamorphosing into the saga of our age.*. sonogram courtesy the mad scientist blind sibyl angry mob. krV (spake)shear, sometimes spelled “sheer”

Science is Power Shirt and hoodie for Science March 2017

Science is Power guys tee

 science is power. It is hard to dispute how It breeds absolute confidence, even if you hold different views or reject the culture from which it originates/ted. One person who understood the power of science is the president of Iraq, Saddam Hussein. He may have led his people to war with evocations of Islamic principles […]