St Patrick’s day One lucky dog mom shirt

We had our own gas pump in the police motor pool St Patrick’s day One lucky dog mom shirt. There wasn’t even a way to document how much gas each vehicle used. We just drove up to the pump and filled up. When we had a city jail on the upper floor of the police station, we had prisoner trustys to do the fueling for us. When I worked for a state agency out of a remote one-man office, I had a gas credit card assigned to the vehicle. It was a commercial account, and not all gas stations accepted it. Learning which ones did was one of those trivial items no one thinks to tell you. When I was a student I worked on one of those ever present Scottish wool shops. If you had a coach load of Americans turn up, there was havoc. You kind of needed to know the tartans a bit as everyone had a clan from about 400 years ago !!! After the various hats, scarves, skirts and sporrans there was a lot of shortbread in the bags.St Patrick's day One lucky dog mom shirt

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Then there was Lenny who would make the Blue Cheese dressing in giant batches. He would be up to his arms in it mixing it together bare handed. I ate a lot of that, best I ever had. Look, let’s be serious, when was the last time you heard about them wading thru dead bodies at restaurants. Occasionally you get that burrito place or a party with bad shrimp or something like that where people get food poisoned, but it isn’t a common event. The romaine lettuce outbreak of e.coli wasn’t even restaurants’ fault, they got bad batches of it and served it unknowingly. One restaurant I worked for came down with salmonella, the staff and owner. The owner kept geese in back and that was not a good idea, it nearly killed him. No customers ever came forward with it though. I and several others didn’t get it either. One thing I didn’t eat for many years was shrimp. We cooked a hundred pounds or more a week and the stink of cooking shrimp put me off it. Will bike for beer vintage hoodie

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