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Come the time of the Clone Wars it’s social isolation that is the source of Annie’s move towards the Dark Side. After a falling out with her big sister/role model figure in Episode II, being humbled before Count Dooku, and the start of the Clone Wars, Annie Skywalker starts to draw herself back in towards the Jedi Order and focus on herself as a warrior, but still never quite finds acceptance. She grows into a slightly quieter, more sardonic, more cynical young woman, and a lot of things she took pleasure in now don’t seem as meaningful. Nevertheless, she appreciates Uncle Palpatine’s attempts to cheer her up while he subtly fuels her bitterness. What changes this bitter streak is her being conferred the rank of Jedi Knight, which is the first genuine recognition she ever gets from the Jedi for her contributions and skills. After being on the outside for so long she doesn’t take the honor of being included lightly. And then, of course, she’s introduced to her Padawan: Ahsoka Tano. If Padme treated Annie as a reflection of herself, Annie certainly does this with Ahsoka. In some sense teaching gives us an outlet to help people avoid making the same mistakes we ourselves did, but in some sense this is also an opportunity for loose cannon Annie Skywalker to cultivate a little clone of herself. While Anakin and Ahsoka had a good relationship after a while, it took him a bit to take her seriously. Annie has no problems with this — she’s excited and wants to share the whole freakin’ Galaxy with this kid. In addition to re-igniting some of that spark that she had previously, though, Annie finds herself becoming more balanced in that she now feels the need, perhaps for the first time, to keep someone safe. This seasoned Clone commander is as fierce and as talented as Jango Fett. During Clone Wars Rex was a perfect compliment to Anakin, ever loyal, ever faithful, and ever one to respect Anakin’s pragmatic nature. For Annie, who has had a miserable time cultivating personal relationships, that becomes crush material, and this becomes the new forbidden romance: a Jedi and her Clone commander. For Rex there would be a lot of hesitation, but Annie is aggressive enough that she’d probably make him forget that quickly. Covering up the pregnancy would be difficult, and it would likely happen earlier than Padme’s pregnancy did. The result, though, is that the twins are half-Fett.Palpatine attempts to take Annie into the fold of the Sith in Episode III in exactly the same fashion as he does with Anakin. The problem here is that Anakin was driven by a need for control, while Annie has developed a need for independence and, more than that, justice. His defining need was recognition by authority, hers is a sense of innate superiority that she’s always doing the right thing despite the approval of authority. She wants recognition and praise, but never gave a rat’s ass about the Jedi Code or due process.
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In an effort to try and sow opposition between Annie and the Jedi, Palpatine sets up a plot whereby he exploits Padme’s growing connection to an undermining element within the Senate. In the original version of this story Padme, Bail Organa, Mon Mothma, and a handful of other senators are organizing in secret to form what will eventually become the Rebel Alliance, but Padme is torn between supporting her husband and doing what she thinks is right. The rift between Padme and Annie created in Episode II makes this something that she does with absolutely zero hesitation, and that frames her objections to Annie as pure hypocrisy. There aren’t many crimes Padme could commit that would draw Annie’s direct attention, save maybe a terrorist attack, but it could play her vigilante streak against Padme and the rising Rebel movement. If Obi-Wan intervenes and tries to explain that she’s being used, Annie doesn’t feel like listening. She murders the woman she once looked up to as a big sister, effectively killing the Galaxy’s living representation of the appeal to peace and any part of herself that ever valued other human beings more than her own ego. Obi-Wan then engages her in a duel that comes to a familiar conclusion. Rex either safeguards the twins himself or entrusts them to others to prevent the Emperor from finding them. This is the scenario most likely to bring us to a future that looks like Episode IV, though the nature and appearance of our female Vader is a bit different. I’m going to assume that you mean comics other than Teen Titans with similar themes and tales. OK, I’ll take my crack at this. Marvel’s Runaways from 2004 is an excellent series. Initially written by Brian K. Vaughn, the story talks about a group of teens who discover that their boring parents are anything but. This is for the worse since it ends up they’re a group of sinister villains who have secretly been in power for decades. Runaways covers many subjects and themes that younger people can relate to. You see betrayals, young romance, conflict with parents (duh), adhering to authority, etc. Young Avengers is a great parallel of Teen Titans. As you could probably tell from the title, it’s about a younger team inspired by the Marvel super team that recently split apart after the tragic “Disassembled” Avengers storyline. Characters such as Eli Bradley, the son of former super soldier Isaiah Bradley, take on mantles similar to characters like Captain America and Iron Man. The group takes on villains in the Marvel universe that are sometimes former foes of their idols. Again, Young Avengers contains stories akin to Teen Titans. They deal with their personal lives spilling over into their heroic duties. They lie to themselves and others. They aspire to be better than they are in the moment, hoping to live up to legacies and names they’ve taken on. Otherwise…I feel like any other titles are going to have their own identity. X-Men probably inspired Teen Titans more than the other way around. New Mutants is probably on par with Teen Titans and has similar rites of passage into the main X-Men team. Young Justice isn’t a comic I’ve looked into that well, but I’m confident that shades of Teen Titans are in there due to the fact that it was an successor to the popular 80s series. I mean, the main Young Justice members like Connor Kent/Superboy, Tim Drake/Robin, Bart Allen/Impulse/Kid Flash/Future Flash/Kid Flash again (He had a moment after getting shot in the knee by Deathstroke, along with other things) all get inducted into a revived team after Young Justice ended, so…hey, we better add that series as well.

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