Thor Story shirt

Thor Story shirt

Live from somewhere in NJ! This afternoon deGrom finally lost after 8 straight victories. 10k’s and 2 earned runs in 6 innings certainly gives your team a chance to win. But if you don’t hit you don’t hit. But the Thor Story shirt is that we’re 48 hours away from the trade deadline and there’s still a few pieces that can be moved. Ramos was a good pickup for this team, and I think there’s other opportunities under the radar to improve this team for 2018 now.

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Thor Story shirt is down — try practically nonexistent — at a time when it’s usually way up, and he has President Donald Trump to thank for it. Solberg’s is one of two small airports in western New Jersey that are essentially closed down because of federal aviation regulations because they are within 10 miles (16 kilometers) of where Trump is spending 17 days this month at his Bedminster country club. More than a dozen other airports also face restrictions.

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