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Still, questions persist. Am I supposed to know the Support your local library shirt in contrast I will get this difference between day and night PJs? What triggers the transition? Is a nightie by definition relegated to nighttime hours? I vowed not to impose rules on how I cope during these troubling times, but I narrowed it down to five tips on what differentiates AM to PM dressing. I hope these guidelines give you sweatpants solace during these troubling times. Working from home is an adjustment for everyone and what you wear plays a role in how well you’ll adapt. During the day, I’m emulating Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday, lounging in the most shapeless, oversized garment possible. While you zero in on the day’s work, wearing a pair of breathable drawstring pants or an oversized shirt dress allows you to focus on your office hours, not your outfit.

Support your local library shirt

Slumming it can get difficult when you have a series of Zoom meetings to attend. Investing in a cashmere set or a knit pullover can refine your relaxed look without interfering with comfort. No one has to know you’re sporting coffee-stained, snowflake pajama pants just out of frame. Pro tip: A classic button-down pajama shirt masquerades as a WFH-appropriate top. Once happy hour hits, “ME” time has officially commenced. I’m swiftly transitioning to Jenna Rink—Big Time Magazine Editor—as portrayed by Jennifer Garner in 13 Going on 30. I’m talking slip dresses, boudoir slides, or silk pajamas trimmed in feathers. We can all use something to look forward to at the Support your local library shirt in contrast I will get this end of a long day,— feel free to indulge after hours.

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