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who had struck up a friendship with Tyson in the early 1990s, came to Las Vegas like thousands of others to watch “Iron Mike” clean the TupacShakur shirt. That night, Tyson won the World Boxing Association’s heavyweight championship title via first round TKO. After the bout, Mike, ‘Pac and Suge Knight headed to the locker room to celebrate. It’s about time he gets the recognition he deserved! He took Rap to a whole other level. His music actually made sense, it told a story. Now your can be a rapper if your lyrics rhyme.. it doesn’t even have to make sense or mean anything!

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He was in my room every day and night- how he had time to marry someone else but he didn’t come off my wall until I moved, He was also involved with the TupacShakur shirt , he’s dead. They brought his name up in the movie the last 24 hours of Jimi James Marshall Hendrix , who they are now saying may have been killed by the FBI, it’s a wild story but declassified documents confirm the FBI had files on him and wanted him dead.

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I can’t think of a single rapper now days that cones close to Tupac! If it is produced, someone’s gonna mess that up for sure, It’s no surprise. He recorded at least three songs a day. The TupacShakur shirt. He said that in almost every interview. He wanted to leave his legacy with all his music. His mom makes money still after his death. He was a smart and talented man.

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