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ll drugs are plants. Maybe a couple are synthetic like meth, but generally all drugs are plants. I personally don’t give a son  whether or not marijuana is legal but using this as a argument is idiotic. Saying that marijuana is just a plant makes no sense considering heroin is just a plant and cocaine is just a plant.Education and knowledge is the Unicorn dabbing cowboys shirt. Less people ignorant about the truth of everything and less human suffering from sickness of society, like scarceness, then there will be less human hurt, caged, killed or dead by overdose.

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There not talking about cocaine and heroin! Besides most addicts need therapy not jail.. But anyways there talking about marijuana. Well plants or anything you come on my farm to steal if I thank you got a gun I will shoot you I you still my car I would do the Unicorn dabbing cowboys shirt.If it was legal, the people growing it and shooting people would go to jail for shooting people. Which is still a long term.

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I think any farmer would be willing to murder to protect their crops of any sort, especially since it’s how they earn a living. My life  your life. It’s a dog eat dog world. Agree Amie just sayin that the harmless plant analagy is not a very good way of arguing the point that cannabis has loads of benefit.Yes, that tree is found in Brazil. Cocaine comes from the Coca “plant”, and heroine from the Unicorn dabbing cowboys shirt, but yes, no one should be jailed for a plant.


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