Vault Rick shirt

Vault Rick shirt

Love the Vault Rick shirt and hoodies. I have bought multiple one over the years. Just wondering if anyone with Bethesda has had the idea to have a custom number option, like player t-shirts for sports teams. With all the iconic vaults in the Fallout would. It would be rockin to be able to order a shirt with a custom Vault number on it. My new Bear Arena 30, Trophy Ridge Clutch Sight, HX Vertical Drop Rest, Static Stabilizer, Vault Quiver and Pro Staff shirt and hat came today!!!!!!!

Vault Rick shirt, hoodie, sweater and tank top

Vault Rick Tank top
Tank top
Vault Rick Ladies tee
Ladies tee
Vault Rick Sweater
Vault Rick Hoodie

Offical Vault Rick shirt

Opened the deep cuts from the Vault Rick shirt, bringing me back to ’94, Weezer blue album sonny! Buddy holly, sweater song, surf wax america, say it aint so, in the garage etc. Great era and great music! Me and Grammy Joan Kott relaxing in our chairs with Tyler Kott waiting for his turn to pole vault at the South Jersey Group 3 Sectionals!!! Good Luck Ty!!

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