Wife Dog Mom aunt shirt

Lori sloan look more people like me.lol lol.love that shirt.im always telling everyone I have balls I  tell my dates if their not going to use their’s.i’ll have to use mine.lol,  When I die and go to The  Wife Dog Mom aunt shirt try and scare me and I will tell him I have been married 3 times…probably offer me a job. Old saying. Heaven doesnt want me and hell thinks I will take over.

Wife Dog Mom aunt shirt,ladies and youth shirt

Wife Dog Mom aunt shirt

One of the Wife Dog Mom aunt shirt why my lifestyle hasn’t killed me yet the devil and God don’t like competition, Satan that coward dont want none, Holy water make that hoe cake puss and bubble. Not unless you brew it it yourself. Difficult to find a store. Then when you do you’re turned away because they’re not open on Sundays.

Wife Dog Mom aunt shirt,hoodie and longsleeve shirt


I’ve been drinking it since their first shop opened, One that reads, ‘I am autistic, I am a parent. I don’t need praise, or to publicly announce my children’s personal matters, How is being an “autism mom” different from being a “mom.  Are all neurotypical children easy to raise I don’t know why ANYONE would put the Wife Dog Mom aunt shirt to this. If ur not an autism mom or relative or one who’s helping raise a child with autism then you don’t understand and never will.


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